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Foundation / CBSE / HBSE

Foundation courses are aimed at improving a student’s fundamental concepts so that he/she can qualify for exams like NTSE, NMMS, JSTS and Olympiads. These examinations are conducted at national level and gauge a student’s acumen at national level examinations. This enables a student to know where he stands amidst stiff competition.


Students of classes VIII, IX and X are eligible for this course. This program is specially designed to make a student succeed at a national level competitive exam at such a young age. The student does not feel it a burden as the coaching curriculum has been designed in sync with his/her school curriculum.


A student has to undergo an Admission-cum-scholarship (ACST) test that will secure him a place in the program. Students, who are found meritorious in the selection test, are awarded scholarships. Scholarships mean the fee waiver that a student will be getting on his tuition fee only.


A student is also eligible for cash prizes if he/she gets good ranks in the NTSE and Olympiads. These prizes are given to applaud the hard work that a student puts in order to succeed in such exams.


Foundation courses are ideal option for those students, who are serious about good ranks in exams like NTSE, JSTS, NMMS, Olympiads and to build strong foundation for Medical and Engineering Entrance Exams.


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